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Title: Dungeons 3
Genre: SimulationStrategy
Developer: Realmforge Studios
Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital
Release Date: 13 Oct, 2017

Dungeons 3 Game Description

Dungeons 3 is a strategy simulation video game developed by Realmforge Studios and published by Kalypso Media for Android and iOS platform. It is the sequel to Dungeons 2. The story follows shortly after end of Dungeons 2. After conquering the lands above, dungeon lords become bored and, try to capture the new continents. But the invasion fails due to incompetence. The protagonist of the story, Thyla, must lead the front line and capture the new continent.Raise the most terrifying army the world has ever seen, by choosing from despicable creatures such as orcs, succubae, zombies and much, much more.


In Dungeons 3 the players will alternate between attempting  to trap heroes in their dungeon, and fighting against the warlord above. In the dungeon, you are tasked with building a dungeon or maze of rooms full of traps and enemies in order to lure and kill adventures. Above ground, you will be able to use armies of various evil creatures to attempt to capture new territory. In the randomly generated levels, you can play with your friends using co-op mode. Download Dungeons 3 For Android/iOS today!!!


“Dungeon Keeper meets Warcraft”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Easily the most polished and refined Dungeons game to date and Evily as good as the game that started the genre 20 years ago.”
8.9 – Hooked Gamers

“Dungeons 3 is plain, straight, addictive fun from start to finish”
8.5 – Gamewatcher

Download Dungeons 3 For Android/iOS

Below is the download link. By clicking it the game will automatically start downloading and installing in your device. This is a super fun game and most trending currently. Invite your friends to download the game and play co-op. Don’t miss the chance as this is the only version available on iOS and Android. The download is fast direct link and quick and easy.


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