FIFA 18 for PC is finally here…The most anticipated game of the year is finally on the ground.Whenever EA Sports releases new FIFA game, all the limelight and critic lands on it like vulture hunting the snake. And everyone has the same question,”What are the new features?”. Well, let me tell you something, FIFA 18 is BIG. FIFA 18 unpacks loads of eye gazing awesome stuffs that we all craved for in FIFA 17. The graphics are disturbingly great. Frostbite engine v2.0 seems incessantly beautiful and provides a great justice to the game.Below is the list of some basic information about the game.
Developer: EA Canada
Engine: Frostbite
Series: FIFA
Producer(s): Amrabi Khushrma
Platforms: Microsoft Windows(PC), Playstation 4, Playstation 3, XBOX One S, XBOX 360

This is how FIFA 18 home screen looks like.

Powered by Frostbite v2.0 engine, you’ll feel the exhilaration while scoring goals either in one on one situation or from the set pieces. The emotion captured by this game is enthralling and incredible. You’ll feel the unparalleled emotion  and desperation of players while on the field. The enchanting of the crowd makes the derby games more special than ever. From El Classico to North London Derby, you’ll feel the heat.


EA has finally made some tweaks to its coding procedure which simply lets wide range of CPU’s to run this game smoothly without any lagging.Because of frostbite engine v2.0, you dont even need Origin Access to run this game. Everything is pre- included in this pack.So, just download and enjoy the game. Share your experience with FIFA 18 for PC by commenting below.

Download and Install Instructions
Step 1:- Download FIFA 18 PC.Time may vary according to your internet connection.
Step 2:- Extract the RAR file on your computer.
Step3:- If you are asked for a password, use FADIPLY1TU
Step 4:- Install the game.About 25 GB of space is required, so make sure you have enough space, else the game may not work.
Step 5:- Disable your antivirus or windows defender.
Step 6:- Run the game from desktop.No crack needed. Enjoy!!!!



All the file are owned by Atlus. This is a copyright content. If it is copied to other site or misused, the doer must be responsible for all the damage.Our website has the sole right to use Atlus content. The files are safe to download and easy install. Now Download FIFA 18 PC.

Name of Game: FIFA 18

Available for: Microsoft Windows

PC File Type: RAR

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