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Facetime (Facetime Android) is one of the popular app on the IOS device. The reason behind popularity of this app is because it works very smooth and conversation is easy between iPhone user. It is easy to access from iPhone and iPad from all the age group can easily can setup, install and call but there is the problem with this app is that you can’t make a call in Android device therefore for Android device user used to install different app that disturbing the conversation with all the different to manage those difficulties now Android device also release Facetime apk app which helps user to make a call on all the device they want to. Facetime for Android is one of the indulging apps which makes users more pleasurable to have a conversation with their beloved one. It is mainly created for video calling these days people feel pleasant to talk with video on than just a voice call. back then the users have the only habit of talking with a talk on a cell phone after internet growing so high call cost is more expensive that video call with using the internet. between that era many communication application rules the market like Skype, WhatsApp, Google duo but the only reason Facetime grew due to its real-time notification which is hard to find on Skype app, either way, the WhatsApp gives you real-time notification but still user likely to choose facetime on android just to have clear sound conversation you won’t get on any mobile application. If you wonder How to download how to facetime on android or facetime app for android this article will help you a lot.  Or try Download NOW.

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image 1:- Facetime on Android device

Features of Facetime Android App

1. To make a call from iPhone to Android facetime, iPad, and Mac
2. You can record video call and audio without using third party software
3. It easy to block and unblock iMessage and Call if a user doesn’t want it.
4. It is easy to install and setup
5. App is very user-friendly any age group can use app and their feature
6. The additional number and email id can be saved with user find rear on other application.
7. Both Portage and landscape call can be made

image 2:- Facetime with Android

Steps to install facetime on android

1. Go to the website or to download Facetime for Android or you can “click here” to download app.
It contains sponsorship with a different brand to you have to engage with the different brand before downloading software.
2. After app download simply click install then app start installing and it will be ready for the call and video call. Enjoy now Facetime with Android.


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